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E550 Fitness System

A More Expansive Swim and Exercise Experience

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You'll get even more room for at-home, total-body fitness with our newest 4.6m Fastlane Pools Fitness System. With no jetted seats and a wider exercise area, the E550 stands as the best swim spa on the market.

The E550 builds upon the success of our E500. The added space optimizes the flow of water, so the E550 allows you to swim with much less turbulence than competing spas.

Like the E500, the E550 features the signature Fastlane Pools Swim Current; you'll enjoy the best swim in any swim spa on the market. And you can still unwind with 23 hydromassage jets, ergonomically positioned at back height.

What makes the E550 stand out is the extra room for the most dynamic aquatic exercises – and for taller swimmers! For your comfort, we've removed the spa seats and expanded the width to 2.3m. You'll always be ready for what's new and challenging in aquatic fitness.

To swim, the current easily adjusts for every level, from toddlers to triathletes. Just turn on the broad, deep current to easily swim in place. For aquatic exercise, let the swim current add resistance and build core engagement.

Opt for the Underwater Treadmill to walk, jog or run in water's low-impact environment. With none of the pounding of dry-land activity, you'll burn just as many calories, plus benefit from 360-degree resistance! It's ideal to manage (or prevent) joint pain or overuse injuries.

The durable, steel-framed cabinet has sleek, modern styling that's virtually maintenance-free, so the E550 brings both beauty and functionality to your home. With your choice of options – from our Underwater Treadmill to a host of swim spa upgrades – you can truly make it your own. View Specifications.

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E550 Fitness System Specifications:
Dimensions: 4.6m L x 1.5m H x 2.3m W
Exercise Current: Fastlane Pools Swim Machine; 2.5 HP continuous-duty pump, 5.2 HP breakdown torque pump
Shell Color: Alpine White or Ice Gray acrylic
Cabinet Color: Dark Mocha or Gray Oak
Hydromassage Jets: 23 standing hydromassage jets (1 large, 3 rotary, 3 directional, 16 mini)
Lighting System: 24 Multi-Color LED Points of Lights & Exterior Illumination Bar
Treadmill (Optional)
Exercise Equipment Options: Swim Tether & Resistance Bands
Capacity: 8,934–9,047 litres
Weight Empty: 1,622–1,669 kg
Water Purification: UVC + CD Ozone
Grab Rails: 5, stainless steel
Electrical Requirements: 230v/60amp
Heater: 4,000 watt

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