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Open Water Swimming


A smooth, adjustable, river-like current to train against.

Training for a long distance swim can be a daunting experience. It requires untold hours of practice, finding pool time, and finding open water (a challenge if you are landlocked) so you can acclimatise to its conditions.

Adding a Fastlane Pool to your home or garden solves these problems. Swim whenever you want, at the temperature you want, all year round with at-home convenience.

In the Fastlane Pool, you have the ideal conditions to develop a faster, more efficient stroke. By swimming in place above our floor mirror, you receive instant feedback on your stroke technique. You can teach yourself to keep up with the current using less effort and a slower stroke. Your improved efficiency, on a channel swim, can make the difference between reaching France and having to stop!

Without flip-turns or laps to count, you can develop an undistracted focus, which can prove invaluable over long distances.

The lack of interruption, combined with the consistency of the current speed, help to embed your stroke into your muscle memory. And a consistent, rhythmic stroke is a huge benefit in swims that last from one to several hours.

For triathlons, marathon swims, or just to build cardiovascular endurance, nothing simulates the experience of open water swimming like a Fastlane Pool.

An 'open water feel' with at-home convenience.

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