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Which Fastlane Pools Series
is Right for You?

Compare: Original Series Pools to Fitness Systems Swim Spas

Yes, any Fastlane Pools model can give your family convenient opportunities for fun, fitness, and relaxation. Not all models are the same, of course, so choosing the right one can make all the difference for your goals and lifestyle.

Our Original Series and Fitness Systems Swim Spas deliver the quality and versatility you would expect from Fastlane Pools, yet are distinct product lines. Read on to learn more.


Our Original Series pools deliver the best swimming experience and the most versatility for finishing and indoor installations.

Original Endless Pools


Fitness Systems swim spas offer superior hydromassage options, the fastest installation, and a sleek, modern look.

Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems

Original Series Pools

Steel panels with a vinyl liner.

Customizable with our finish options or your own chosen materials.

Fitness Systems Swim Spas

Durable, all-season cabinet in 2 finish options.

Molded acrylic interior in 2 color options.


Original Series Pools

Length/width customizable to your location, from 210x365cm to 487x487 cm.

3 standard depth options with custom/multiple depths available.

Fitness Systems Swim Spas

4 lengths available, from 365cm to 610cm.

E-series models and X2000 are available in 150cm depth. All other X- and R-Series models are available in 130cm depth.


Original Series Pools

On-site assembly for outdoors or indoors, even in basements and existing rooms

Fitness Systems Swim Spas

Delivered fully assembled for outdoors. Can also be installed indoors in new construction.


Original Series Pools

Our Original current – smooth and fully adjustable for all levels.

Perimeter channels to manage the flow and reduce turbulence.

2 current upgrades for roomier, faster currents to suit advanced/competitive swimmers (see Performance and Elite).

Fitness Systems Swim Spas

E Series: Our signature, multi-speed current

X Series: Variable-speed airless jets (5) for fitness and recreational swimming

R Series: 2-speed airless jets (3) for family fun and fitness

Electrical Requirements

Original Series Pools

30-amp, 220-volt minimum

Fitness Systems Swim Spas

60-amp, 220-volt minimum

Learn More About Our Models

Unsure of which Fastlane Pools model is right for you?

Our Product Specialists are available to answer any questions you may have about incorporating an Fastlane Pools model into your home. We look forward to helping you choose the best pool or swim spa for you and your family.

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