Fastlane Pools
Swim the original. Experience the best.

Family Fun & Relaxation


The entire family can enjoy active time together at home.

Open 24/7, a Fastlane Pool at home can be a place of shared quality time, spontaneous fun, celebration, and relaxation for the entire family. Take a leisurely swim any day, in any season, without the hassles of scheduling and driving to a pool. Let the swim current invigorate you for the day ahead or wash away your stress before bed. Optional hydrotherapy jets provide a gentle massage and ease away stiffness and tension.

From the youngest (with proper supervision) on up, everyone can enjoy playing and relaxing together in a Fastlane Pool. In fact, many of our customers say they cannot keep their kids out of their pools! Kids love to “float down the river” on inflatables or body surf against the smooth, adjustable current while holding on to the grab bar.

With a Fastlane Pool, your home can feel like a vacation getaway. They're so fun and relaxing that you'll find Fastlane Pools installed on several Princess Cruises ships!

For enjoyment and entertaining (and for the health benefits of aquatic exercise) install a Fastlane Pool for you and your loved ones.

Play together and stay together. It all starts here.

Request more information and see for yourself how a Fastlane Pool can improve your quality of life.


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